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About Dawn Publications

Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth. We aim to help parents and teachers encourage children to bond with the Earth in a relationship of love, respect, and intelligent cooperation, through the books we publish and the educational materials we offer online.

We pursue quality rather than quantity, limiting ourselves to only a half dozen or so titles a year. When selecting our new project we look for inspirational content and quality art as well as solid information. We aim to reach the hearts as well as minds of children. As nature publishers our material is essentially non-fiction, but usually told with such an engaging style and illustrated with such magical art that most of our books are probably best described by that budding genre, “creative non-fiction.” Each of our products is a unique window into the web of life that, grounded in nature, weaves us all together.  We aspire to awaken children to the discovery that they are part of something magnificent.
We began in 1979 with the publication of Sharing Nature with Children which flowed from the genius of Joseph Cornell for creating “nature games” that could give people a deeper appreciation and insight into nature. Nature games spurred a global revolution in environmental education. Over the ensuing two decades Dawn has published scores of titles, comprising a unique line of nature appreciation books for young people.